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Sorry for the formatting cockup in the last email, we've fired the VP Of Email Formatting Cockup Preventions and done some restructuring to ensure it will never happen again. Moving on-
In this edition of our seemingly random events mailout we have a number of Drum & Bass events coming up this month including tonight (at a new FREE night in the lower Haight) and tomorrow (downtown featuring an early film showing and an 18+ age limit)... so see if anything grabs yer fancy!

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Thursday January 13, 2005
Sektor 5

Free Drum 'n Bass every Second Thursday!

This week:
DJ M [12-2am]
With residents:
SHINOBI 009 [9:30-10:45pm]
SUTAKE [10:45pm-12am]

460 Haight St. (Lower Haight)
San Francisco, CA 94117

No Cover
9pm- 2am
21+ w/ID

Friday January 14, 2005

"Lemme See Your Shorts!"
Sundance film festival afterparty
Note eighteen-and-over age limit!

Location - Blue Cube, 34 Mason (@ Turk)
Time - 8pm-5am
(8pm-9pm cocktail reception with beats by Sinukus... 9pm-10:30pm short films... 10:30pm-5am BEATS!!!)
Entry - 18+!!!!
Tickets - $10 door

Jonathan Beech
Mike Giannini
One Fine Line
+ Two special late night guests!

Sinukus (cocktail hour set)
+ Special late night guest!

Wednesday January 19, 2005
SDI Virgin Mega In-store

"Still Doin' It" residents Kuze & DJ M will be doing an in-store DJ appearance at Virgin Megastore Downtown from (I think) 6-8pm.

Shouts to our man DJ Munk doing good work in the Drum 'n Bass vinyl & CD section over there.

Come by and support your local multinational corporate music behemoth!

Virgin Megastore
Upstairs in the Dance/Hip Hop section
2 Stockton Street @ 4th St
San Francisco, CA 94108

Saturday January 22, 2005
Still Doin' It (note date change!)

A new FREE monthly at Anu Bar!

Saturday, January 22nd (the date has been pushed back for this month, from the 8th)
FREYA (Hemisphere)
DELON (the beatdownsound)

with residents:
KUZE (SRK Records)
DJ M (Faultline)
MC DUH (Groundscore)

Anu Bar
43 Sixth Street, San Francisco

9pm-2am / 21+
Drink specials every month.

Saturday January 29, 2005
Furious 2

An all ages east bay underground Jan 29th, by: Evil Breaks/Ill Behavior/Subscience

Evil Breaks room:
LoBudg [LIVE] (Bil Bless aka SOTEG
and Dave Cannon of the Carbon Community)
Dragn'fly vs Aaron Jae (lovetribe/shaolin/Evil Breaks) - Special Breaks set
DJ Ripple (Subscience)
Bam (Evil Breaks/Invibe.com)
Athena vs Influence (Evil Breaks/In tha Mix)
Nick Nyquil (Evil Breaks/Ill Behavior)
M.O.D. (Evil Breaks)
Maebyn La Fey(Subscience)

Subscience DnB room:
(featuring SF dnb champions Abstract, Qzen, and Kimi)
Method One (www.method-one.com)
DJ M (Faultline/SOMA Sessions)
Bicolas (Rhythm Method/Skills)
the Hitmen (Subscience)
Matty G & Killjoy(Enter the Jungle/Tighten Up!THC/Fallen Soldiers) - Santa Cruz
w/ Indidjinous on didjeridoo (Enter the Jungle)
Reclipse (Bayraves, Discharge Clothing)

MC's Souljah and Manny Vibes all nite

Ill Behavior room:
Denise (djdenise.com/sound asylum)
Erig Riggsbee vs Clockwork (Breakthru)
Homero (Yerba Buena Records)
Hyjinx vs Ill D (Thought Crime)
Thomas Kent vs Kris Kent (Ill Behavior/Modified)
Element (Modified)
Emune vs Cmos (Ill Behavior)

Zapatistas house room:
Felipe Avelar (House Nation/Zapatistas)
DJ Doza (BR/Zapatistas/E. Ave)
Carlos Alfonzo (Soop/Zapatistas/BR)
Elektro (Electronic Ave.)
Soul 1 (Zapatistas)
Vinyl Junkies (LFX & Nikko)
Miss Arely (Zapatistas)
Rob Base (Zapatistas)
Misha (Subscience)

Located in Oakland at a safe, secure venue
All Ages
More info TBA soon...

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