Faultline Productions
San Francisco, California USA - contact hello@faultlinednb.com


For those that don't know us, Faultline is a small group of Drum & Bass DJ / promoter / producers based in the San Francisco Bay Area. We've never drafted any sort of mission statement but simply have wound up working together after discovering common musical taste and integrity (or so we like to believe!).

When it comes to Drum & Bass we tend to like a bit of anything and everything and to dig far outside the mainstream for the best beats and bass. A look into any of our record collections will turn up at least a bit of atmospheric, drumwise, dubwise, liquid funk, techstep and any other sub-sub-sub-genre. We also have active interests in techno, broken beat, hip hop, abstract beats and other forms.

The group has roots in a number of crews including Freebeats, Tenderloft, Signal/Halflife and more. The name Faultline comes from a series of six parties at The Tenderloft from Nov 2002 - Dec 2003 that were set into motion by myself and Agent Sunshine, with invaluable contributions from the other Faultliners and Tenderloftians and a host of other deviants with whom we've collaborated over the past five or so years. And it's always safe to say we all have our hands in a number of other pies on the side- just check out our event and gig listings.

Not much more to say really, our hearts are fully into music for the sake of music and I hope that generally speaks for itself. Hope you find something you like on the site.

Jan 2005